Diversity Check Cultural Competency Assessment

Our Mission, and the CKG AAA Approach

Our Mission
At CKG, our mission is to enable people and organizations – through our facilitation and support – to realize their full potential and reach their goals. 

Simply put, we show people what’s possible from a leadership development-organizational learning standpoint, and coach them on how to get there.  

The CKG AAA Aproach

Our approach is highly participatory, using interactive activities in a confidential, professional learning environment.  The three main steps are Awareness, Assessment and Action – that’s our CKG AAA Approach.

CKG facilitates dialogue and exercises that enable participants to explore and identify key concepts and terminology, as well as their own experiences, beliefs, and values.

CKG, through our assessments and surveys, measures key elements of existing workplace dynamics.  This includes our measurement of the skills, knowledge and attitudes of management and employees within those organizations.

CKG helps organizations and individuals to implement their own action plans.  We cover every step from investment, scheduling, awareness communication and training, through to monitoring and evaluation.

Talent Management Solutions

What can you expect from us?

  • A positive working relationship and practical, constructive advice
  • A participatory approach with open, ongoing communication
  • A keen understanding of barriers to change, such as cultural differences
  • A customized set of solutions for managing your human capital

Since 1998, CKG Training & Consulting has been working to enable the growth, development, flexibility and efficiency of organizations and their people.

Over the years, CKG has helped public and private organizations – throughout Canada and around the world – to accomplish their objectives.  Our customized programs enable our clients to embrace change and become stronger.

CKG Team Areas of Expertise

The CKG team of professionals has a proven track record in just about every aspect of leadership development and organizational learning:

  • Diversity Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development (including Strategic Planning, Team Building and Performance Management)
  • Change Management
  • Career Development (including Effective Job Search Techniques, Networking, Interviewing, and Self-Assessment Inventories)
  • Talent Recruitment, Selection, and Retention
  • Mind Mapping
  • …and more

Find out how our team at CKG Training & Consulting can help your organization and your people to maximize their potential.