Diversity Check Cultural Competency Assessment

What is Diversity and Diversity Competence?

Diversity is the wide range of cultures, languages and more found within an organization or community. Diversity is not limited to culture or language; the world is a diverse place in diverse ways:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Ethnic and Racial Diversity
  • Generational Diversity
  • Linguistic Diversity
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Spiritual/Religious Diversity
  • Diversity of Competencies

Embracing diversity is about recognizing the importance of having many elements in the mix. Diversity offers the opportunity to leverage many experiences, many perspectives, and many skills. Diversity is an important ingredient allowing organizations to be innovative, competitive and to offer a rewarding place for their members, employees and customers.

What is Diversity Competency and Diversity Leadership?

CKG’s Diversity Training seeks to develop diversity competencies in participants, and help them become diversity leaders. Being competent in diversity leadership means:

  • Understanding that employees from diverse backgrounds bring with them different workplace expectations, preferences and needs
  • Establishing a framework for discussions regarding diversity
  • Understanding the components of effective intercultural communication
  • Evaluating the impact of diversity on group performance
  • Developing concrete organizational goals regarding diversity
  • Understanding how culture influences leadership style
  • Appreciating how culture impacts international business relationships
  • Being aware of cultural assumptions and understanding their business implications
  • Continuing to develop one’s “Cultural IQ” and awareness
  • Collaborating with partners and teams to raise awareness and secure buy-in
  • Raising awareness of cultural conditioning, individual biases, stereotypes and assumptions
  • Establishing links between diversity and the organization’s goals, customers, suppliers and workforce

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