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Cultural Competency as Competitive Edge

Can you lead diverse teams and conduct business with people whose beliefs, background and communication style are radically different from your own?

Cultural competency increases your ability to close deals, increase international market share and attain a competitive edge over competitors. Cultural competency skills that CKG can help you develop include:

Cultural Intelligence and International Agility

  • The ability to effectively lead and manage across different national, organizational and professional cultures


  • The ability to recruit the best and brightest talent, locally, internationally and virtually

Organizational Capacity-Building

  • The ability to analyse and assess, to undertake strategic planning, effective management processes, manage change and challenges, increase quality and efficiency, and promote organizational values through training and awareness strategies

Skill Gap Training

  • Development and delivery of training customized to fill skill gaps

Diversity Training

  • Strategic diversity and gender-inclusion programs, finely attuned to manage cultural differences and eliminate barriers to change