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CKG Diversity Strategy Process

CKG Consulting helps its clients assess, develop and maximize their diversity strategy. The CKG Diversity Strategy Process was developed to strategically guide clients through the essential milestones needed to foster and develop their diversity strategy:

Needs Analysis
Identification and clarification of goals and values of the organization, and of performance gaps that can be improved by a diversity strategy

Elaboration of goals, milestones, potential benefits and obstacles in implementing or revising the diversity strategy

Recruitment for promoting an equality task force
Identification and recruitment of key members and/or units in the organization to assist in the promotion, communication and modeling of the diversity strategy

Strategic Planning
Development of timelines, goals and milestones for the implementation of the diversity strategy

Implementation and Monitoring
Roll out of the diversity strategy’s implementation plan, including communications, awareness campaigns, diversity training sessions, monitoring and evaluation

Awareness Training
Provision of training workshops, educational modules or facilitated discussions for employees, units and/or trainers

CKG Consulting’s Diversity Strategy Process is designed to ensure the client’s needs and goals are well-considered and well-aligned during the development of its diversity strategy. With the help of various assessment tools, such as organizational assessments, surveys, interviews, and focus groups, CKG helps assess the keys elements to be considered when developing diversity strategies. This custom approach ensures that the diversity strategy is well-implemented and thrives throughout the organization.