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Facilitation Skills (Training The Trainer)

To be a learning organization committed to developing the talents and skills of your staff, you need to make sure your trainer is well-versed in the latest techniques, best practices and proven, reliable tools.

Let’s face it, trainers have a difficult task at hand – they must help staff unlearn old habits and develop new, more efficient behaviours. Often times, staff members may be resistant to change or suspicious of new techniques.

This workshop produces truly effective, highly engaging trainers. Participants become masterful in course design, classroom delivery, and coaching.

Our highly interactive workshops are customized to your needs and requirements, and can run for a half-day session as well as one- and two-day workshops.

Some outcomes for the participant may include the ability to:

  • Apply various adult training methods
  • Write learning objectives
  • Prepare valuable, engaging lesson plans
  • Communicate effective to a variety of learning styles
  • Design instructions

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