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Gender Equality & Women’s Leadership

Whether you want to ensure equal opportunity and treatment for all employees or are looking to facilitate the development of women’s leadership, CKG Training & Consulting has created two workshops that are available in half-day, one-day or two-day modules. We can customize a Gender Equality or Women’s Leadership workshop to address issues and challenges specific to your organization.

Gender Equality

Gender training session in Vologda Oblast, the Russian Federation 2006
Gender training session in Vologda Oblast,
the Russian Federation 2006

Gender inequality can take numerous forms. In organizations around the world, it can show up as a lack of opportunity or as a social, economic or political disparity. With mounting social responsibilities, it is imperative that institutions take new initiatives within their organizations that will ensure equal treatment for all employees.

CKG's Gender Equality workshops help organizations create internal policies, procedures and programs. We suggest techniques to promote gender equality initiatives through a multifaceted approach, including institutional analysis, gender workshop, capacity development and implementation strategies.

Participants can expect to discuss activities and components of a gender equality strategy for your organization. The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Establish a framework for discussions regarding gender equality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of gender equality issues
  • Demystify gender and examine the importance of gender equality within societies and organizations
  • Apply gender strategies and tools
  • Mainstream gender into organizational initiatives

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Women’s Leadership

More than ever before, women are leading organizations and stepping into positions of power. Yet the gender gap still exists in senior management, and women have fewer role models to look to for mentoring and guidance.

Today, women leaders want to create their own personal brand of leadership to impact positive change in their organizations. This workshop is designed for women leaders to help hone their naturally existing strengths.

During the CKG Training & Consulting workshop, women executives will learn how to:

  • Develop their leadership style
  • Lead with authenticity
  • Define and create their legacy
  • Raise their professional profile
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Build a network of peers

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