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Past Mandates

Successfully developed the manual Managing Change in the Workplace which is currently being used by over 20,000 employees at Kerala State Electricity Board in India.

Boosted employee accountability and productivity through the development of an online performance management program. The increased organizational transparency has improved morale which has led the organization to pursue a total reward program.

Effectively created a "cascading productivity boost" by creating a strategic management process for a mid-sized organization. With staff participation at all levels, the new process has been implemented throughout the organization. Each department actively develops its own action plans with clear goals, objectives and key success indicators. Team spirit has never been higher.

Achieved key-stakeholder buy-in for a regional gender equity strategy, with a "train the trainer" program, that helped build capacity in Russia's Vologda region.

Built a positive team culture, one that was aligned with departmental objectives, within an extensive federal governmental agency. The integrated, holistic approach used by CKG Training & Consulting helped improve communication and employee satisfaction.

Assisted a very large community organization with the development of a Global Operational Plan, which identified and prioritized key strategic issues that would impact the community. We facilitated consensus-building and prioritization-planning sessions as well as participatory work plan designs. The result? Full stakeholder buy-in. The organization now works together as a cohesive whole rather than fragmented departments.

Conducted workshops on cultural awareness and knowledge transfer strategies for an international project team working in Central America. CKG also designed Diversity and Equity Workshops for Central American governmental ministries helping to achieve a more balanced, inclusive workplace, fostering opportunities for women.