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Services Overview

CKG Consulting offers workshop and training sessions on a wide range of diversity-related concepts and competencies, each customized to meet the needs of participants:

  • Leadership and Leadership Development
  • Team Development, Team Building and Team Culture
  • Understanding Diversity, Equity and Equality
  • Strategic Development and Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management and Change Management
  • Recruitment and Human Resource Process Design
  • Decision-Making and Conflict Management

Every CKG training program (full day, two-day or half day) aims to provide useful tools and tactics to help organizations and participants respond to ongoing diversity-related changes in the workforce.

CKG Training programs are a blend of conceptual information, strategic guidelines and useful tools. Themes addressed by our programs include:

  • Introduction to Equity, Equality and Diversity
  • Expectations Analysis and Management
  • Audit of Organizational/Government Diversity Policies
  • Introduction to Growing Culture of Workplace Equity
  • History and Current State of Workplace Equity (country or organization-specific)
  • Introduction to and Appreciation of Diversity
  • Challenges and Advantages of Diversity
  • Recognizing Discrimination and Harassment
  • Case Studies
  • Promoting and Managing Diversity