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Team Building

Organizations and companies know that when teams work together as a cohesive whole, they can overcome adversity, leap over obstacles and rise to any challenge to accomplish extraordinary feats.

In the perfect workplace scenario team members trust and rely on one another, set aside egos to champion individual and group successes, solve problems creatively, communicate, make decisions effectively, and always keep the common goal in mind.

However, most workplaces just don’t function that way. CKG’s Team-Building workshops are designed to bring the perfect scenario to your organization.

This workshop can be divided up into modules, and may be customized for half-day as well as one and two-day interactive workshops. If you are looking for a more extensive team-building workshop, we can tailor design several modules to address the specific needs of the participants or the challenges of the organization.

CKG can also arrange for individual assessments ahead of training, to address personality styles and how they can work together more effectively.

Course Content can include:

  • Create an accurate picture of the team
  • Benchmark how it currently functions
  • Understand the relationship between the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize the different personality styles of team members
  • Draft and implement a team charter
  • Define the team member roles
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to reduce conflict
  • Implement effective decision-making techniques
  • Practice listening and feedback techniques
  • Identify milestones and success indicators

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