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Understanding and Developing Cultural Competence

Diversity is an important ingredient allowing organizations to be innovative, competitive and to offer a rewarding place for their members, employees and customers. Cultural Competency is a skill that allows one to understand, embrace and navigate the challenges and advantages of diversity.

This CKG training course (offered as a full day, two-day or half day workshop) aims to provide useful tools and tactics to help organizations and participants understand and acquire cultural competencies.


  • Explain culture and cultural competence
  • Understand the relationship between cultural competence and an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace
  • Explore how cultural competence impacts workplace dynamics and leadership styles
  • Apply skills, knowledge and strategies that foster cultural competency at a personal, professional and organizational level

Cultural Competency

Understanding cultures... requires more than words and good intentions. The journey toward cultural competence requires the willingness to experience, learn from those experiences, and act.
- Jerome H. Hanley