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Workplace Diversity and Global Leadership

Diversity is an important ingredient allowing organizations to be innovative, competitive and to offer a rewarding place for their members, employees and customers. Workplace diversity becomes a competitive edge when an organization fosters diversity competency in their global leaders.

This CKG training course (offered as a full day, two-day or half-day workshop) aims to provide useful tools and tactics to help organizations make diversity an essential component of their global leadership strategies.


  • Enhance awareness, knowledge, skills and comfort level working with an increasingly diverse workforce and diverse clients
  • Increase understanding of the diversity dimensions (particularly the multi-generational workplace)
  • Understand the legal underpinnings of diversity (Human Rights Legislation, Canadian Charter, Employment Equity Act, etc.)
  • Increase awareness of social and cultural stereotypes
  • Analyze real-life cases and identify innovative, fair and appropriate solutions
  • Explore strategies to eliminate barriers to members of diverse groups
  • Acquire tools for working productively with diverse groups of people
  • Undertake to implement actions within the work environment to promote diversity

Global Leadership

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
- Peter F. Drucker